TRINITY EDUCATION FOUNDATION is one of the government approved institutions in Pokhara. We are specialist and trusted institute established with an objective of providing the need for information and professional guidance in the field of overseas education such as study in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. For many students, choosing a university or college is one of the most difficult decisions they should take in their life. We take the challenge to offer qualitative and quantitative services. Towards the best available opportunities, we study your case on the basis via personal contact with the parents and the students before recommending the most appropriate college, University and programs corresponding to the desires, ability and motivation. Till date, we have helped innumerable students to reach their career goals. Since its initial inception in 2009, we’ve had an obsession with Quality & Commitment, and as we proceed further, our commitment to you gets even stronger, enabling us to continue giving our best… today and in the future as well. Come to join with us at TRINITY EDUCATION FOUNDATION, and let us support you to reach your ultimate goals.









TRINITY EDUCATION FOUNDATION’s vision is to become one of the most trusted education consultancies in Nepal and abroad.


~ To give students advice and appropriate guidance on most relevant training and academic courses available throughout the world.

~ To be fully informed about our partner institutions so as to ensure students can make the best decision on where to study.

~ To assist with VISA application, clearly explaining all legal restriction to students. ~ To attend and hold student and representative fairs in own country and other countries we cover.

~ To help arranging suitable accommodation for students in their study destination when needed.

~ To provide advice and guidance about studying away from home in another countries.

~ To ensure that all Universities are kept up to date with progress on student applications.

~ To ensure students to become an independent with an ability to compete with and morale to suit for ongoing globalization.

~ To motivate young generation and build their self confidence and career goals.